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The 10 by Laws of Beets & Bones

1. Eat as much raw food as possible. Load up on enzymes.

2. Mineralize, give that body and brain the nutrients you need to thrive on a daily basis. Load up on bananas leafy greens sweet potatoes. This is the best way to sustain beauty and reduce inflammation and slow degeneration by becoming mineralized.

3. Get alkalized. Start glowing radiant skin and eyes. The greener, the better.

4. Got to get good fat. Create the vital energy to nourish the brain and nervous system. Give yourself mental clarity by feeding your brain green juice that contains fat in the form of omega 3’s.

5. Roll that glycemic downhill. Limit the sugar in all forms. To reduce cravings bring some form of yogurt or Kefir.

6. Ferment yourself. Regulate your gut flora. Load up on immunity-building foods that nurture the gut.

7. Love thy Enzyme. Give yourself the essential amino acids by drinking bone broth or anything raw.

8. Strengthen your amino chain of carbon-hydrogen and oxygen by eating at least 50 to 100 g of protein a day.

9. Adapt to adaptogenic lower stress and give your body the pick me up and balancing.

10. Celebrate organic ingredients, celebrate the planet, not industrial agriculture practices. Become an advocate of organic